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July 17,2017

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The human body can become infected due to various organisms that cause conditions such as fungi. Occasionally, fungal infections affect the skin, nails, and other parts of the anatomy. These nail fungal infections can cause damage to the toes, nails, and legs in general. To a greater extent, this infection can result in significant damage to our feet and affect the way we walk. Fungal infections mainly occur in damp environments when your feet are always hydrated, which can lead to and cause this type of infection.

The chances of developing fungus on the toes increase in wet conditions, for example when wearing closed shoes that retain sweat. This can cause defects in the blood flow, which results in fungal infections. As we age, the nails also grow faster and thicker, and this also makes older nails more easily infected. In case you are experiencing this problem on your feet, don't worry because Fungalor will end this threat. This product is the best and most perfect method for treating fungal infection.

The Fungalor or Fresh Fingers cream (as it is often called) is the solution recommended by dermatologists for the health of the skin of the feet and the elimination of mycosis. Fungalor attacks all skin problems such as fungus or infections, and even anatomical defects such as sprains. Specialists recommend Fungalor Cream especially for the treatment of mycosis, regardless of the stage of its development. The cream has a unique solution for each layer of skin, dissolving the infectious ones and restoring the health of your foot's skin. If you dislike medications and injections, Fungalor is the perfect solution for you. Free yourself from stress and use the cream to fight your ailment in a simple and effective way. The cream has a quick and effective effect, and can be easily used at home.

The product is a gel/ointment used to prevent and treat fungal infections. Made with natural plant extracts, the ointment has been clinically tested, being the best treatment for the healing of fungus in the toes, nails and feet. With this in mind, it is advisable to recognize the main signs and symptoms of fungal infections:

The Fungalor application method involves the following steps:

Medications that treat the fungus of the feet are divided into two types:

This ointment is a product designed to solve the problem from the root. Based on positive results from numerous studies conducted at the Institute of Medical Research, this product effectively addresses the problem by curing heels and nails.

According to statistics, one in five individuals in the world's population has fungal problems. Some of the factors that cause fungal infections in the feet are:

For some time after treatment, the symptoms of the fungus go away and do not return. This effective treatment is the result of natural ingredients and extracts.

Beaver Skin Extract. Inhibits the spread of fungi and yeast. Helps to inhibit fungal activity.

Extract from Chihuahua. Helps control sweat glands, helps kill fungus and provides a comfortable feeling. Includes a durable fragrance.

Oil extracts play an important role in moisturizing and nourishing the skin, reducing its roughness and helping to renew skin cells and heal cracks. Unlike the cream, the oil thoroughly moisturizes the skin, penetrating quickly without leaving marks on the mattress or clothing. This oil has properties to eliminate skin problems. Provides a fresh feeling all day long.

Arnica oil. It has antibacterial and soothing effects, getting rid of the itching and causing a destructive effect on mycosis colonies.

Camphor. Disinfects.

Menthol. Helps relieve pain.

Chamomile. Provides a relaxing, soothing and anti-inflammatory effect.

Sage. Cures and fights inflammation.

Aloe Vera Aloe gel (aloe barbadensis leaf powder). Its main function is to eliminate the sensation of excess weight and fatigue in the extremities. In addition, Aloe Vera mitigates capillary permeability and sensitivity, in addition to reducing swelling and inflammation.

Finally, although it is not the least important ingredient, there is Olive Oil that soothes the skin, being of great importance after a long and busy day.  Cream removes the fungus (even those types of fungi that can only be eliminated


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